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A PERSONALISED TV service is already available for hotels in Fuerteventura. You can customise your channel according to your communication needs – Information, Services, Schedules and Activities taking place at your establishment. We offer an integrated service of utmost importance for your hosts: a Tourist TV Channel including all information about services, leisure and culture in the island of Fuerteventura.

This new advertising and publishing platform is revolutionising the local information market whilst boosting the island's tourism sector – which is vital to improving the services offered.

*Fuerteventura channel´s interface demo.

Visitors can enjoy Fuerteventura Channel as the Local Tourist TV Channel, which is available from their hotel room. With the Media Managment System "Tourism TV" you can broadcast up-to-the-minute information about latest news and events, tourism related information from any point of the island, and much more. Make a significant impact in a short time and put an END to the lack of communication in this sector.

Fuerteventura Channel has a long experience creating tourist content. This is one of the motivations we had to create our product. We'll be happy to help you!

Fuerteventura Channel

- Multilingual channel.
- Content creation about the Hotel.
- On-the-spot Remote Management.
- Adaptable to the Hotel's needs.
Fuerteventura Channel uses exclusive services of the production company VENTURA FILMS for content creation.
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Tourism TV

Fuerteventura Channel is a fully customisable product. Through our Media Managment System "Tourism TV" you can create a multilingual programme planning which is individualised for every Hotel and includes the hotel's own content, as well as information about services and shops in the area. This system meets the owner's communication needs and provides an overview of the tourist region, thus improving the Hotel's image among customers.

“Hotel 1” has an individualised channel guide wich it does not share with direct competitors (neighboring hotels). And vice versa.

Our Channel is currently being broadcasted in 25 Hoteles in the South of Fuerteventura –7036 rooms in total– with an estimated audience of 380,000 viewers a year, and it keeps growing!


Fuerteventura Channel puede aumentar los ingresos y abrir interesantes oportunidades de mercado a cualquier empresa o negocio. Somos un canal de televisión que llega a la habitación del hotel y entrega un mensaje directo a vuestros clientes potenciales, los turistas.

Nuestra productora Fuerteventura Channel cuenta con un equipo humano especializado en Marketing y publicidad que podrá asesorar a los anunciantes que así lo demanden, sobre cual es la mejor manera de dar a conocer su negocio o producto.


  • SBH Jandia Resort - 266 hab.
  • SBH Club Paraíso Playa - 300 hab.
  • SBH C. Calma Palace - 370 hab.
  • SBH Mónica Beach - 297 hab.
  • SBH Crystal Beach - 170 hab.
  • SBH Taro Beach - 293 hab.
  • SBH C. Calma Beach - 504 hab.
  • SBH Royal Mónica (Lanzarote) - 216 hab.
  • Hotel Buganvilla - 250 hab.
  • IFA Altamarena Hotel - 219 hab.
  • Hotel Golden Beach - 152 hab.
  • Club Jandía Princess Resort - 512 hab.
  • Fuerteventura Princess Resort - 697 hab.
  • H10 Tindaya 354 - hab.
  • Meliá Gorriones - 418 hab.
  • Relaxia Jandía Luz - 115 hab.
  • Club Hotel Drago Park - 219 hab.
  • Royal Suite 166 hab.
  • Fuerteventura Playa - 300 hab.
  • Apartamentos Palm Garden - 295 hab.
  • Risco del Gato Suite Hotel - 52 hab.
  • Morasol Hoteles - 72 hab.


15 minutes advertising
report: EUR 1200

10 minutes advertising
report: EUR 800  

5 minutes corporate
video: EUR 600  

3 minutes info-spot:
EUR 500

1'30” info-spot:
EUR 420  

60” advertising
spot: EUR 390  

30” advertising
spot: EUR 350  

15” advertising
spot: EUR 290

The soundtrack is made with royalty-free music. The average cost is 30 EUR per minute and is not included in the fee.


  Meeting with the customer.

  Script writing.

  Location searching.


  Basic lighting.






  Dollys, crane, etc.

  HMI lighting.

  Actors and models.



  Catering service.



Royalty-free music: A license to use musical themes free of royalties. Exclusive rights over the theme not granted.

Fuerteventura Channel works with the best Royalty-free music distributors in the USA and Germany, using musical themes which are written specifically for spots and reports, thus ensuring the best quality and a great artistic value for all our advertising contents.

* All fees are estimates and will be applied only to customers who purchase an advertising space with Fuerteventura Channel for a minimum of 12 months, or who sponsor the Channel.

Fees are subject to change depending on the screenplay and include one day of shooting. An individualised estimate will be talked through with the client. Once agreed upon, a final estimate will suffer no further modifications (IGIC not included).

Spots created with the above mentioned fees are only to be used with Fuerteventura Channel.


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Telefon: +34 673 137 811

C/ Calle Ntra. Sra. del Carmen, 13, 35625, Fuerteventura, LP